• In October, I had brunch with Jason Fulford in Toronto.
• Afterwards, we walked and talked for several hours – browsing odd shops, turning quiet corners, kicking fallen leaves – and as we meandered our conversation did as well.
• It was as if I was catching up with an old friend, only one whom I'd never met before.
• Like the foundations of his new publication The Mushroom Collector – anonymous photographs of mushrooms that Jason received from a friend – aspects of the conversation stuck in my mind.
• This lecture is a visual reimagining of that conversation, incorporating an assortment of quizzically related photographs, objects, ephemera, words, lists and memories that either flashed through my mind on that crisp autumn morning, or have arisen and taken on new meaning ever since.

• Set of 20 Postcards
• Lecture (The Mushroom Collection - Vijzelstraat 67, Amsterdam, 13th December, 8PM)


"Jason Is a Funghi (Fun Guy): Images from a Conversation One Sunday Morning"
Aaron Schuman Photography

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